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Real Routines Spotlight: Marni Salup

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One of the things we value most here at Mother Dirt, aside from the skin microbiome of course, is innovation. And when wellness and innovation come together, now that’s a place we love to be! So it makes perfect sense that this Real Routines spotlight is Marni Salup. Marni is cofounder of FIT+LOVE, the host and producer of the Marni on the Move podcast where she has conversations with innovators in business, and health and wellness, providing well-rounded inspiration! Marni is also the founder of the The Salup Group, a brand strategy, business development & communications company that focuses on fitness, fashion, and lifestyle. And that’s not all! Marni is also a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, a veteran windsurfer, and triathlete! Somehow in between all of these things, she found time to dish with us on her Real Routine. ;-)

Walk us through your daily skincare routine, and how you incorporate Mother Dirt?

My daily skincare routine is super simple.  I wash my face in morning with water and then head out for a run, bike, swim or to the gym. If I am outdoors I wear an SPF. Upon my return and shower, I use the Mother Dirt Cleanser and Shampoo followed by the Mother Dirt Moisturizer, especially after the pool and swimming. When I’m not training, I am at my office, running to meetings and generally immersed in the hustle bustle energy and congestion of traffic in NYC. Not only can this be mentally and physically stressful, but it takes a toll on your skin.

How do you explain Mother Dirt to other people?

Mother Dirt is an amazing skincare line that works with the existing bacteria in your skin, as opposed to wiping it out. Mother Dirt offers great products that are cleansing, hydrating, and healthy for your skin (that’s my non-technical way of explaining it). I love how clean my skin feels after using the cleanser and how great my hair feels great after using the shampoo.  The AO+ Mist is a terrific post workout body and face spray. I often use it as an underarm spray in lieu of deodorant.

How do you interpret “less is more?” Are there any other ways this philosophy plays into your life?

I am always on the move, from home, to workout, to office, and repeat.  An easy skincare routine with products that work has been a huge asset in keeping my skin in good shape.  

Do you have any other “unconventional” personal care or lifestyle habits?

I add tonic herbs every day to my coffee and smoothies: Ashwaganda, Pine Pollen, Cordyceps, Chaga + Reishi Mushrooms, E3 Live, Chlorella, and more.

Why do you feel it’s important to connect with nature?

Nature is where I discover and learn. It is where I unwind and disconnect, but connect to myself. As a founder and entrepreneur, living and working in a fast paced city like NYC, I am fueled by nature, the outdoors, sports and exercise. Even if it means going to Central Park, over the George Washington Bridge to Palisades Park, or running up the West Side Highway. For the first part of my career and life, I spent my time out on the bays of Long Island, windsurfing. I was in the early days of launching my PR agency and building a company and the perspective one gets from the sea and nature are incredible—strength, confidence, balance, perseverance, mapping out a strategy and what is in your control, and what is not, and being able to pivot. All valuable lessons I learned on my board. Now, as a triathlete, It is more of the same type of lessons but as I have several companies and a few more sports.  Nature is a sounding board that grounds me and the lessons and skills I use in the outdoors through sports guide me towards success in my career and life. It’s where I recharge, even though I’m mostly moving through it.



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