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Real Routines Spotlight: Elyse Tanzer

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Elyse has been a member of the Dirt Squad since the early days. Her fun-loving spirit and positive energy is infectious! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I am a cyclist, runner, scientist, and lettuce-loving Bostonian. I work for a startup in Cambridge, MA and am on a mission to be healthy as heck. After a summer of crappy health I decided to improve aspects of my life that would help build my immune fortress. I spent the first year of my career learning a lot about the microbiome inside my body and the interaction between bacteria and plant stuff. Now that Mother Dirt has made a commercially available product, I wanted to try and cover myself in bacterial armor.

I alternate my commute to work by bike and car and Mother Dirt has allowed me to go from being the queen of over-showering to showering once a day. I can even skip the shower before work after my 13-mile commute in and not be paranoid about being the grossest human in history. It took about three weeks to really notice an impact on my skin, but it has definitely changed the game. I still wear deodorant as I am an avid cyclist and runner, but I only use the natural kind that won't fill my ta-tas with cancer.

Walk us through your daily personal care routine, and how do you incorporate Mother Dirt? 

Morning: Spray with rose water, apply deodorant spray along with Mother Dirt and get on with my day!

Night: hop in the shower with Mother Dirt Cleanser, wash head-to-toe, apply Mother Dirt Moisturizer, spray Mother Dirt AO+ Mist everywhere and pass out on my pillow.

What is your favorite Mother Dirt product? Tell us why you love it!

Besides the spray, the body wash. It smells like roses, and leaves my skin cleaner than I have ever felt and the foam is just plain fun. I love that it is gentile enough that I can wash EVERYthing :)

Why do you feel it's important to maintain a healthy microbiome? 

I was sick a lot, as a kid and unfortunately, also as an adult. I spent more of my life than I care to on antibiotics, for everything from pneumonia and sinus infections to using erythromycin to manage a stomach condition. I have a stupid amount of allergies. Every white paper I have read leads to balanced microbiome from the start means a healthy life. Sometimes I feel like a living embodiment of the hygiene hypothesis. Can I go back in time and undo the overuse of antibiotics, bleach, and triclosan? No. But I can do my best moving forward to nurture a good colony of bacteria to help defend my body, metabolize things I can't, and lead a healthy life.

Why do you feel it's important to connect with nature? 

It just feels good. There is a reason we feel less stressed in the woods with dirt under our feet, and a reason that the pine smells as good as it does. In my day job as a researcher, I spend enough of my day in sterility. There is only so much ethanol spray smell one human can stand.


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