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Our People, Our Planet, Our Passion

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The plan for Earth Day started out much different. The goal was always to do something that made Earth Day personal, but it started out on a different path. I had spent the past week working on an idea that ended up taking so many different twists and turns, because it never truly resonated with me. (And my carb intake was a huge indicator that I was totally stressed out by it.) I should have trusted my gut and not pursue something that didn’t feel authentic.

This morning I woke up unsatisfied, desperate to find my inspiration. I started looking at Earth Day posts on Instagram. I saw images of people in nature, earth-friendly products, plant-based meals, adorable animals...they were all beautiful. But the one image that truly struck a chord in me was in Moss Halladay’s feed (@mosshallady). And it was actually this video he did with Mother Dirt. 


What truly got to my core was how he spoke about nature; the pure awe, love, and connection he has with it. My adrenaline rushed and my heart swelled as it became brilliantly clear: The two things that inspire me the most are our incredible tribe, and the beauty of our planet.

Mother Dirt takes pride in keeping our community close. We’re a young company, but I’m incredibly lucky to have joined in it’s true infancy. Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen firsthand how much we owe to our relationships with our customers and followers. Everyone of you teaches us something, and your commitment to clean lifestyle and clean planet is what truly inspires us and keeps us going. (Hello, blog - case in point!)

Your dedication comes through in many different ways; we see it in your emails, the conversations we have with you at trade shows and conferences, the comments on social media. You care deeply. You love us, you challenge us, you inspire us to do better. To stay the course. To be true to our mission.

You are our mission.

So for Earth Day this year, we’re celebrating YOU. Your insight, brilliance, compassion, commitment, and zest for living a healthy life. Our world literally revolves around you. You have no idea how much you serve as a continuous source of inspiration. Your thoughtfulness in how you live your life, and the choices you make in your self-care teach us to do more and be more. We constantly strive to be our best selves in our work because of you. And it isn’t always easy, but it is absolutely always worth it.

Your steadfastness in your beliefs and standards for wanting only the best for yourself and the planet is the reason we stay committed to making biome-friendly products - products that are as good for you as they are for the earth. And we couldn’t do it without the people who make it their commitment everyday of their lives to tirelessly support businesses like us, and keep both people and the earth healthy and thriving. Organizations like Made Safe, a non-profit that screens for harmful ingredients in personal care products. Their dedication and genuine enthusiasm for what they do is truly inspiring.

Unsung heroes like the GC3 (Green Chemistry & Commerce Council), not widely known to the consumer, these are the people behind the scenes, driving change for the greater good across the board with industry and supply chains.

And the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, an organization “that uses smarts and sass to pressure the cosmetics industry to make safer products.”

No matter who you are or at what level you’re involved re-greening our world, you’re making a difference. This Earth Day, celebrate the choices you make and the actions you take. And know that your influence reaches much farther than you think.

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