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Mother Dirt at the Gutbliss Microbiome Workshop

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This past weekend, we had a blast and learned a lot in DC at the Microbiome Workshop held by the Gutbliss team, and led by Dr. Robynne Chutkan. Dr. Chutkan has been doing exciting work in the gut microbiome field, and we loved her approach to connecting modern science with the new, exciting discoveries on the microbiome.

We were lucky enough to sit in on the workshops, as well as Dr. Chutkan's opening discussion. All of the presenters had something interesting to say, that made us think. One great workshop we participated in was with Dr. Gerard Mullin from Johns Hopkins about SIBO, a growth of bacteria in the small intestine. This doesn't mean that SIBO is a growth of bad bacteria -- just too many normal bacteria, or dysbiosis. Too much of a good thing... We also heard from Heather White, former Executive Director of the Environmental Working Group, about how our environment and products influence our microbiome. Lesson learned: opt for glass food storage options -- mason jars aren't just stylish, they're healthier, too.

In the midst of all of the discussion, our hosts served us a delicious microbiome-friendly lunch. Elise Museles of Kale and Chocolate presented a great menu, and even showed us some easy mason jar recipes for take to work lunches. We took home her book -- lunchtime at Mother Dirt is going to see some exciting cooking experiments ;)

After a full day focused on keeping our microbiomes robust and healthy, we had to make sure we were off to a good start. The day concluded with our friends at uBiome giving private readings of our results, and we were sent off with our gut bacteria happy and ready to go on more microbial adventures :)

Other great companies we learned about:
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