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Minds Blown at the BioFabricate Conference in New York

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Last week we stepped from Times Square into the New York City Microsoft office -- and into the future. The BioFabricate conference was a world unto itself, showcasing ideas and companies poised between the technology, design, and biology worlds. Everyone there was so excited to share and have great conversations about the concepts that literally grow at this interesting intersection. People are developing some amazing things, and we were thrilled to stand alongside them.

Over at Pili Bio, the team is working on producing sustainable ink with bacteria; EpiBone is growing new bones from patient's damaged bones for transplants; Ginkgo Bioworks engineers organisms to do things like smell more like a rose than a rose or taste sweet without sugar. These companies are working to make the world a better place, and doing so in the most exciting ways.

There is also a growing group of companies and researchers that are trying different ways to grow meat in a lab, rather than in a farm (so Bessie won't have to worry anymore). Modern Meadow is even developing lab-grown nose-to-tail resources (think leather bags that never rolled in the grass and burgers that never mooed). They even had trays of beef jerky chips that were floating around, but not many! Can't yelp this one though -- those bites went fast, and at current prices... well, we weren't one of the serendipitous few. Post-tasting, the discussion got pretty lively, with people debating the sustainable, moral, and practical difference of lab-grown vs field-raised meat. As you can imagine, there is still much left to be learned and discussed.

As the conference wound down, we did a final lap around the future we hope to see one day. We took a last look at fantastical inventions enveloped in snatches of conversations that will someday transform the world. Clinging to a last, lingering scrap of this excitement, we stepped back out into the everyday -- where people like you are already living this future, rethinking clean and working to better yourself and your surroundings.

We felt really lucky to be a part of the event and speak with so many inspired and inspiring people. Next year maybe we'll see you there, too!

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