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Making The Most Of Your Mist: Best Bacterial Practices For Healthy Skin

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A lot of AO+ Misters have been asking us about our tips and tricks for getting the most out of the AO+ Mist. We've put together these top five tips to help your new biome-friendly routine be as successful as possible. Happy misting!

1. Storage: Put all the bottles except the one you are using in the refrigerator. Don't freeze any! Each bottle is designed to last you about a week, and bottles will retain full potency for about 1 month at room temperature and 6 months in the fridge.

2. Using the Sprayer: We know the bottle is not quite intuitive, so this should help. Start by pulling out the small white tab below the nozzle to unlock the sprayer. Then aim the lever towards your body when misting - using your thumb can help. It's a little funky, but this sprayer provides you with the finest, most uniform mist. Don't worry, it might take a few pumps before the mist starts to release.

3. Keep the bottle closed: Don't open the bottle! Your bacteria were packaged in a sterile environment. Opening the bottle introduces other organisms inside. This could impact the effectiveness of your mist.

4. Shake, shake, shake: Give the bottle a good swirl before each use to make sure you are still getting bacteria in the spray at the end of the bottle. The bacteria tend to settle at the bottom of the bottle forming a rust-colored sediment. Make sure you shake it up to evenly distribute before misting.

5. You don't need to go cold turkey: You don't have to stop using soap and shampoos, but after you wash remember to rinse thoroughly with water to remove all harmful residue from your skin, and then mist away!


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