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It's Our Birthday! Mother Dirt Turns One-Year Old

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Today is our first birthday. We’re excited to be sharing this milestone with you, our users and followers. Each one of you has helped us have an amazing year, whether you’ve bought our product, or shared our story, you have helped bring us closer to a world where clean comes with healthy.

So today, we’re sharing with you what moves us, motivates us, and inspires us to do more. Our work revolves around your experience with Mother Dirt. Your emails, comments, reviews...they matter. So much so that all purchases and feedback go toward our research on skin health.

You are a key element to our success. Thank you for a great year.
Here’s to a new year full of growth and discovery.

Life Changer.
"Thank You for FINALLY ending my 14 year battle with bad skin---I could not be more thrilled with the mist!!! I cannot begin to put into words what your product has done for our family's finances, & my sanity/pain levels (the skin on my face was SO painful, even to gently wash, for 14 years....). You have brought great peace & comfort back into my life. It is a lot easier to love myself. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

"This mist did more for my skin than anything else I have tried- and I have tried it all! Really great products."

Truly life changing
"My skin has never felt better and I'm saving a ton by not buying as many other products. I've cut out a $50/month treatment product, spent way less on deodorant, shampoo, and other cleansers, and my water bill has dropped from showering less. This product more than pays for itself, truly life changing!!!"

Remarkable Products & Remarkable Company
"I'm a 32-year old male that has struggled with difficult skin since puberty. Finally, I have products that I can count on. Thank you, Mother Dirt. After just one use you can feel the products going to work on your skin. Skin becomes soft, the face looks and feels well moisturized, and balance is restored. Just remarkable: uncommon and extraordinary."

Isn’t using a product like this almost like using common sense?
"My skin felt better, and my face looked smoother and healthier than before. I completely stopped using soap in the shower, and my hair and skin have never felt better. Isn't using a product like this almost like using common sense? Your body was intended to have a flourishing microbiome, but somehow, we were tricked into thinking that we had to scrub every living thing off of our skin. I now view shampoo as a well thought out marketing scheme that has no merit. Is there really anything cleaner than good bacteria?"

Gotta Have It!
"Committed Mister and fan[atic] user of MD shampoo and cleanser. I have congested skin that reflects my damaged digestive system. The mist particularly seems to gently exfoliate while nourishing and hydrating my skin. I am a committed curator of my gut microbiome as well as my skin microbiome, and Mother Dirt is essential to my health care protocol. Would do without many other things rather than doing without Mother Dirt. Merci!"

I can feel my skin breathing!
"I found myself saying this over and over during the first week of using Mother Dirt products. I've been using all three Mother Dirt products for past six weeks. After only two days of using the AO+ mist the shift in my skin tone was remarkable and stunning. Admittedly, I kept looking in the mirror while running my hands over my face because my skin had never looked or felt so wonderful. Perhaps ridiculous and weird, after a compliment from a stranger, I invited her touch my face. Mother Dirt is the real deal when it comes to next level skincare. Wow."

This stuff is amazing!
"I was using the toughest antiperspirant I could find. It stained my shirts, made me itch and slightly reduced the odor...but not much. Since I started using the spray, I threw out all that old stuff. No stains, no itch, no odor, none at all! Fantastic product."

My skin’s never been better
"I had problem skin from the age of 15 to 26. I used almost every over the counter and prescription treatment, and while I was eventually able to get things under control, if I ever tried to wean myself off of the face wash, creams and treatments, the problems came back with a vengeance and I was certain I’d be using the products the rest of my adult life. When I read about the mist in NY Times, I decided to go cold turkey on everything else and use mist only. After just 1 month, the difference was night and day. My skin didn't appear as oily even though I wasn’t using any cleanser. I’m now 28 and my skins never been better! I even got my wife, who’s never had skin issues, to ditch the cleansers and moisturizers and use mist only and her skin has never felt better!"

This stuff is a miracle
"This stuff is a miracle for gym shoes, or any shoes you wear sockless. I just spray it directly into the shoe."

In grateful appreciation.
"Thank you for a revolutionary product. I looked forward to the developments going forward. All the dealings I have had with AO+ have been with caring, concerned humans who inquire and listen. In grateful appreciation."

I was enamored right away
"I cannot even describe in this review how well this product works in maintaining healthy skin, the best description is in the article that I read. I am a big proponent of this product for anyone who has any insecurity regarding their skin."

I’ve been waiting for a product like this for years.
"I’ve always suffered with my skin. When I was younger, I tried every prescription available to find some comfort. They all failed, and I gave them all up in favor of simplicity. I actually gave up soap and all cosmetic products years ago on the advice of my doctor, who said that stripping the oils from your skin makes things worse. I’ve been bathing with nothing but olive oil and water for years and was pretty happy with my regime, so I think that a lot of the positive effects people report are actually just from ditching all those products, so don’t be afraid to do that! However, the mist brings things to the next level."

Helped my problem skin
"This has helped my problem skin more than any other product I have tried."

The mist is wonderful.
"The mist is wonderful. I have gotten compliments on how healthy my skin looks and it no longer feels dry. I will continue to use it indefinitely."

I am addicted.
"Hi! I just wanted to say that I really love your AO+ mist and the cleanser. I love them so much that I want to use them for everything, all the time (I have particularly finnicky skin and so far have been very happy using the mist in place of moisturizer.)"

Pleasure’s back
"The pleasure of taking a real shower or a bath is back. You feel like you really washed yourself instead of putting another layer upon you. Less dry skin , in fact... no more. To be tried is to be convinced."

Resisting the Siren Song of TV Ads
"It's been an amazing metamorphosis for me although an everyday struggle to resist the television ads and marketing for the "new and improved" products that are unhealthy for my Biome! My skin and hair are so much healthier and I frequently get asked what am I using!!"

And on it goes.  Wishing us all many more of these in the year to come.  

If you have your own you want to share, we are all ears ;)


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