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How This Summer's Olympics Became A Stage For Climate Action

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Rio de Janeiro is a concrete jungle. Hotels, restaurants, bars, homes, and schools scatter along the coastline, sweeping from the beaches up to the verdant edge of the Corcovado, shaded by the outstretched arms of the iconic stone Christ the Redeemer statue. City blends with rainforest, tourists with tiny capuchin monkeys, city sounds with forest smells.

City is quickly overtaking jungle. With huge environmental issues like high levels of water pollution, Zika virus, and deforestation of the Amazon, all of which can be connected to global climate change, it is clear that the human footprint on the region is leaving marks.

In the Olympic opening ceremony, Rio shone a light not just on the athletes taking the stage to compete, but also on the dangers of climate change.

Using Olympic Tradition to Spark Global Change

The Olympics have been a valued international tradition for centuries, but this year, tradition aims to bring change. The opening ceremony in Rio spent some time discussing the dangers of climate change, a global problem that is already impacting Rio. On a stage viewed by over 3 billion people around the world, Brazil made a point to demonstrate what lies ahead if we continue to treat everything in our environment as an endless resource.

Brazil’s Rainforest

Brazil is home to 30 of the world’s remaining rainforests, which in turn are home to one-third of the world’s animal species. This diverse environment isn’t just a home for unique and interesting flora and fauna (think glass frogs you can see right through), but is also a very important carbon sink.

Deforestation has been going on for years in the Amazon, and at alarming rates. As trees are chopped and burned and bulldozed, they decompose and release carbon into the atmosphere. Soil becomes loose and erodes without tree roots to keep it strong. Plants which once used to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen disappear, as do the animals who occupy untold niches in the local habitat. The toll is incalculable.

Get Involved

The opening ceremony inspired and moved us, and it’s our hope that the message was received by the global audience. As a company, we actively advocate cutting down on water usage and create products that reduce your environmental footprint. At Mother Dirt, respect for the earth is one of our core values, and cultivating a healthy world for all who inhabit it is our mission. With this widespread awareness and activism, we hope that we see environmental change for the better.



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