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Fermentation Funk: Mother Dirt Adventures at the Boston Fermentation Festival

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You might have seen us hanging around Boston Public market on October 4th with some people making giant vats of sauerkraut. The Fermentation Festival brought together pickle makers, kombucha brewers, kimchi enthusiasts, and Mother Dirt to talk about something we all have in common: some friendly bacteria.

Fermentation Two Ways

Fermentation is a process by which microorganisms break down carbohydrates into acids, alcohols, and gases. Both yeast and bacteria use fermentation to live (and to do some interesting things in the kitchen). Both your toast in the morning and your beer at night are made from hard-working yeast, but the pickle on your sandwich owes its flavor to bacteria.

While the bacteria in our spray bottle won't make you tasty treats, it will break down the irritating and smelly components of sweat (ammonia and urea) and turn them into skin-friendly compounds (Nitrite and Nitric Oxide). Interesting things happen when you get back in touch with the bacterial side of nature ;)

Getting Funky

At the Fermentation Fest, a wide variety of fermentation practices were on display. Kraut Mob set up a station for some hands-on DIY 'kraut, Katalyst Kombucha handed out sipping samples, and experts enthralled the crowd with their lectures. At the Mother Dirt booth, we got to check out our neighboring tables, Ginkgo Bioworks and Aeronaut.

We also relaxed, enjoyed the venue, and made some new friends. Boston Public Market is fantastic; rows of artisanal cheeses, fresh pasta, and weird and exciting local produce. When you walk in the smell of hot cider donuts hits you so hard you feel like you've already eaten two -- but you should still grab a bite at Union Square donuts. They're our guilty pleasure, and we won't be telling you how many we ate during the festival. In summation: check out Boston Public Market. You'll like it.

Back at our booth, we were so excited to see how many people had already heard about Mother Dirt. So many different types of people stopped by our booth -- researchers, farmers, doctors, students -- and everyone wanted to learn more and try the mist. Lots of first-time misters were surprised that it feels like water spritzing onto your skin, and we were happy to hear interested people are in reducing their use of chemical products to try and keep their microbiome healthy.

Sorry if we "mist" you this year -- get it??

We'll see you next year, and our booth will keep getting better -- check out this throwback photo from last year!

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