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Dirt is Paleo - A round-up of Paleo f(x) 2016

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This past weekend some of the #dirtsquad trekked to Austin for Paleo f(x)! I joined Mother Dirt in April, so I'm still a newbie and knew that working the show would put my knowledge of our product to the test. (The Paleo people asked some tough questions and challenged me!)

I stepped off the plane knowing basic Paleo concepts and feeling the movement has a great deal of merit. I knew Paleo centers around a diet heavy in meat protein, that eliminates wheat, grains, refined sugar, and legumes. I expected everyone there to be Crossfit and OCR (Obstacle Course Race) enthusiasts, and while some were, there was a delightful diversity to the crowd.

Paleo is about healthy living

Let's get this straight. Paleo is not a diet or weight loss plan. I met countless people at the event, and was curious to hear their stories about why they're Paleo, and what makes them interested in Mother Dirt. I met people of all ages, from all different backgrounds, from all over the world, all bonded together by one goal: to live a cleaner, healthier life.

Meet the Cappuccis, the Paleo family who won a year's worth of Mother Dirt!!

I was fascinated to learn what people have found in Paleo - relief from autoimmune disorders and skin issues, the desire to live a chemical-free life, and just a yearning to get back to a more natural and healthy state. While Paleo isn't for everyone (it's not the most vegetarian-friendly lifestyle), you can't argue the dedication to clean living.

Paleo Mist-er and new friend Gina Kirlew told us about her journey with this adorable illustration. (Check out more of her art, totally adorbs.)

The quest for a healthy lifestyle is what brought many people to Mother Dirt. Mother Dirt is not the most conventional idea, and it's not always the easiest sell. But Paleo people love dirt, they love our name, they love that we're about bacteria and putting live AOB found in nature back onto your skin. (WOOHOO!)

Paleo people know their stuff

These are educated consumers, and boy do they care about what's in their products. Interested attendees asked so many excellent questions about ingredients of the AO+ Mist, how AOB were discovered, which strain of bacteria the Mist contains, and more. These things matter, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that these are the things they wanted to know.

Many people I met had already given up soap years ago and were looking to supplement their daily routines with something that would help care for their skin, reduce showers, and ideally replace deodorant. (Hello, match made in heaven!)

Perks and people

I met a lot of really great people who made the long days fly by. Suja juice hooked us up with a case of different juices and flavored water to keep us hydrated (total lifesaver when you're on your feet for 10 hours straight). Taza Chocolate, who are also our neighbors in real life Somerville, MA were just a few booths down from us. They generously fed us chocolate covered-almonds and cashews, and gave us a ton of chocolate to share with the rest of the #dirtsquad back home. I put our Content Coordinator, Licole, to work making some very non-Paleo porter chocolate chunk scones - which we're devouring topped with homemade butter while I write this. We enjoyed the scones with some fancy tea from England, which one of our Mist-ers gave us at the Biohacker Summit. (It's becoming increasingly obvious that food makes the #dirtsquad very happy…)

What was most impressive is that the women behind Merit + Fork gave us incredibly delicious homemade Paleo chocolate chip cookies that were LEGIT. No chalky consistency, no weird taste you're trying to convince yourself that you like, these were straight up, old school, like mom used to make cookies. Learn from them, folks. Learn from them! Pre-made Paleo graciously allowed me to eat several of their samples all day, every day. Chef, I thank you. Your food is truly delicious. And Paleo, Gluten-free, and regular diets alike will absolutely love the bagels from the ladies at Fox Hill Kitchens. I can't believe I'm saying this but their everything bagels have a great consistency and are super tasty. (Pssst! Expect an order from me this week!)

We also met so many bloggers like Krisstina and Tamara, the dynamic duo behind WealthyWellthy, Carly from FrolicandFlow, Chelsea from ChelseasCravings, and Clare from FlametoFork. These women are go-getters, super smart, engaging, and a joy to be around. Check out their blogs, which are amazing resources not just for Paleo, but for living a healthy life. Health and fitness blogger Alex Fergus did a brief on-the-spot interview with us as part of his Paleo f(x) round-up, which has fascinating info in it that you don't want to miss. (Hint: It has to do with camels. Yes, camels.)

Relax and rethink Austin adventures

After the long days at the conference, we'd muster up our second wind so we could tootle around Austin. Walking around in #dirtsquad t-shirts you get a lot of questions. Our Creative Director Mark Drury was seen telling everyone we encountered about AOB and our Mist. Here's a shot of him telling our waitress at Guero's about it. (Sadly I missed the photo op of him giving the pitch to the man at the booth at the parking garage at the Palmer Center.)

We also enjoyed a fantastic meal and all around fabulous experience at Eden East, a farm to table restaurant. We walked the onsite gardens, pet the ducks, and enjoyed our food under the twinkle lights.

And at the end of the trip, we made sure to visit some of Austin's famous landmarks.


And finally, after the end of a very long, exhausting and exhilarating weekend, we ended it Austin style at Guero's…

Tequila shots are Paleo, right? ;-)

Happy Misting!

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