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Celebrating Earth Day and Saving the Ocean

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From April 12-26, we are celebrating Earth Day by contributing a portion of our sales to Conservation International to help save over 100 miles of ocean. During these two weeks, 20 of Mother Dirt sales will be used to support Conservation International, an organization that works to protect oceans around the world with conservation efforts like Save A Mile.

Mother Dirt and the Ocean

The Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria in our Mist thrive in water. They live happily in salty ocean spray, with all of the fish and plankton and other organisms that populate our planet's waters. Our world -- and civilizations -- rely on water to stay healthy. Water is a source of life, diversity, food, energy, and so much more. Just as toxins on our skin harm our skin ecosystem, toxins in our oceans harm the oceanic ecosystems -- all of the living things in the seas.

The personal care industry is affecting the health of our oceans. Water usage has increased in recent history to match the increased emphasis on washing in cultures around the globe. The products we have begun to use are damaging our water resources as we deplete them.

By working to reverse this process and clean our oceans, we're preserving our oceanic ecosystems, as we work to develop our skin ecosystems. We're excited about the opportunity to make an impact, and contribute to Conservation International's efforts.

More about Conservation International

To support environmental work around the world, Conservation International uses an innovative blend of science, policy and partnerships to protect the nature people rely on for food, fresh water, and livelihoods.

Founded in 1987, Conservation International works in more than 30 countries on six continents to keep our planet healthy.

What We Hope to Achieve

100 + miles of clean ocean water means 100 + miles in which dolphins can surf, anemones can grow, and algae can bloom. It's 100 + miles of our world kept healthy, nature kept natural.

We strive to create products predicated on principles of public and environmental health, that mesh with modern lifestyles and routines. By maintaining the health of the skin microbiome, our AOB help keep the world healthy; by producing products with limited environmental impact, that are found in nature, preservative-free, and easy to recycle, we help keep our world clean. With our Earth Day initiative, we are taking another step towards creating a world where clean comes with healthy.

At Mother Dirt, every day is Earth Day.

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