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Camp Calling: Youth Revisited at Adult Summer Camps

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For most of us, the idea of camp conjures up ideas of days swimming in the lake, hot days with new friends, cool nights bringing outdoor sounds inside, sunscreen and nostalgia.

Would you go back, if you could?

Camp Isn’t Just for Kids

Adult camps are all the rage, now. Getting back to your roots and spending time in nature has never been easier. Across the country, people are taking a break from daily life to spend time returning to childhood summers.

There are lots of different types of adult summer camps on offer - from the classic rustic bunks and outdoor sports style getaway to a summer session at the Culinary Institute of America to yoga retreats. There’s even a band camp for adults! Some camps tout themselves as an opportunity to revisit the spirit of camp camaraderie, helping adults make new connections and friendships by spending time sipping wine and going on hikes, and even offering the same Color Wars you played as a kid. Others aim to reconnect people to themselves with meditation classes.

Whatever type of adult camp appeals to you, you’ll have the chance to disconnect from your daily life and truly take a moment to recharge and reconnect. All of these experiences remove you from your usual routine, showing you life from a new - or even familiar - perspective, one that embraces lightheartedness, easy fun, and time spent appreciating nature. It’s also an amazing opportunity to relive your camp experience the way you always dreamed of while you were at camp as a kid; without the bug juice, questionable mess hall meals, and mandatory singing of “kumbayah” every night.

Let’s face it: camp with no curfew and unlimited mimosas sounds like fun ;)

New Friends, New Bacteria

Spending time connecting with other people isn’t just good for you mentally - it can boost your microbiome.

Studies show that families, who spend at least a little time every day together, develop microbiomes with similar bacteria. Hugs and kisses don’t just share the love, but the biome benefits, too!

Time spent bonding with new people in new environments can give yet another microbiome boost. New foods, contact with animals, and time spent getting a little dirty do the same.

Whatever style you’re looking for - it’s probably out there. Just take the time to unplug, get outside, and enjoy the last days of summer :)



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