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Something Bright is HereMeet our two new skin-softening microbiome-boosting body essentials to nourish, smooth and uplift

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Meet our secret ingredient, AOB

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Live and active AOB

Over 3+ billion CFUs in every bottle of our AO+ Restorative Mist.

Active probiotic system

A powerful blend of probiotic extracts in all of our supporting products.

Synthetic and fragrance free

Good for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

No sulfates, parabens or harsh surfactants

Your skin has enough to deal with, let's focus on restoring it, not destroying it more.

What Makes Mother Dirt Unique

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This is one of the few examples of a true probiotic skin-care product on the market today - meaning the bacteria in the Mist are living microorganisms with active metabolisms.

Allure Magazine

WOW! My skin is absolutely DIFFERENT! What with wearing face masks now, my moisture barrier gets absolutely destroyed... Mother Dirt products are the only thing helping my skin stay in check. My skin is always soft, and I know that under all the mask mess I can rest assured my skin will be fine.

Priscilla F.

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