We've waged war
on our skin.

By introducing harsh chemicals and preservatives, we’ve thrown our skin out of balance. Americans apply an average of 126 chemical ingredients to their skin daily.

(EWG. 2019)
(EWG. 2019)

1 in 4 Americans now struggle with their skin.

(AAD. 2019)
(AAD. 2019)

We’re cleaner than ever, have more products than ever, yet a growing number of us have sensitivities, allergies, and other skin issues. Why? Because we’ve killed a critical bacteria on our skin.

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Our skin has a microbiome just like our gut.

It’s a living protective layer that’s made up of trillions of microorganisms. And it’s the key to proper pH balance, a healthy acid mantle, and glowing skin.

But It’s delicate. Sensitive. Finicky. Complicated.

And it’s easily thrown out of balance.

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Introducing AOB:

We call them the peacekeeper and they’re found in the soil.

AOB are a probiotic who live in our AO+Mist spray. They bring harmony and balance back to your skin microbiome. It works on all skin types. And we guarantee improved skin clarity, tone, and smoothness in 30 days.

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Our 3-Step Skin Recovery Kit will restore and rebalance your skin:

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Foaming Cleanser:
Start with our gentle foaming cleanser. Use it in the shower or with warm water. Rub gently and rinse. Our Cleanser will not harm your microbiome.


Apply a dime-sized amount of our non-greasy Moisturizer on face or body. Our Moisturizer will not harm your microbiome.


AO+ Mist:
Apply 3-4 pumps of AO+ Mist and be sure to focus on your T-zone (nose and cheeks). This nurtures your skin’s delicate balance.

Get balanced skin in 4 weeks or your money back.

We care about your skin and we’ve developed a whole line of microbiome friendly products that work in conjunction with our AO+ Mist. They are free of all the nasty ingredients that harm your skin’s balance.

What the Dirt Squad is saying:

5 Stars

Great Find…!!!

Finally, someone is utilizing the microbiome to make your skin feel like it hasn’t felt in years… I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

Anthony G.
5 Stars

My Fav

From the very first day of using this spray, I could see and feel a change in the appearance, texture, and life of my skin! A+

Christina J.
5 Stars

My face is glowing

This spray has literally made my face so glowy and bright. I look more alive, refreshed, and brighter. No better product to help brighten dull skin!

Haley R.
5 Stars


I can’t get over how my skin has improved using these products!

Jane I.
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