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Part 1: Safety Beyond Ingredient Selection: Why Our Safety Testing Doesn’t Stop After The Bottles Are Filled

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We’re all about taking a hands-on approach to ingredient selection here at Mother Dirt. Nowadays, it’s common to hear companies talk about their ingredient selection process. (Ours revolves around a biome-friendly assay we perform in our lab.)

What you might not hear much about, however, is what happens after the ingredients are selected and the final formula is produced. The manufacturing process and supply chain present opportunity for cross-contamination and the formation of by-products. Raw materials come from many different vendors and travel long distances, and filling facilities often have multiple products being filled within a short span of time.

Basically, unintended components and chemicals can end up in a product without its company’s blessing or intention.

But why do we care so much? Why should you?

We make a product that you will apply to your skin regularly—at least, that’s our hope. When application becomes routine, accumulation of ingredients occurs and, eventually, even the smallest amounts of impurities can start to pose a problem. This is why Mother Dirt prioritizes simplicity and transparency. The simpler the product, the lesser the potential for new issues. (For example, a streamlined, straightforward manufacturing process = fewer passages of hands, fewer chances for industrial slip ups and ingredient slip-ins, etc.)

We promise we’re not telling you this to freak you out. (That’s no fun, and not our style.)

Instead, we’re sharing this with you because we feel strongly that it’s important to demonstrate safety as a cornerstone of what we do, particularly because much of our research contradicts what we have been told regarding safety of live microorganisms.  When working with live bacteria, we have to answer to a higher standard ;)

While it’s tricky to anticipate all surprises, we have a process in place to help prevent hidden ingredients from sneaking into the products. Read all about the impurities we test for in Part 2.

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