Restore & maintain
good bacteria
on the skin


Historically, AOB (Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria) would have populated our skin microbiome naturally, acting as peacekeepers for the microbial community, but widespread use of soaps, deodorants, and other personal care products wiped them out.

By applying them back to your skin, you're restoring your skin to a native, healthy state.
AOB convert irritating components of our sweat (ammonia & urea) and turn them into byproducts that bring benefits to the skin (Nitrite and Nitric Oxide).

Nitrite helps keep bad bacteria in check and Nitric Oxide is an antioxidant that helps calm and soothe the skin. This action can help restore balance to the skin's ecosystem and in turn reduce dependence on conventional products like soaps, moisturizers, and deodorants.
Because AOB consume components of your sweat, this means they are happiest in places where there is a high density of sweat glands (the scalp, underarms, palms, groin and feet).

If you think you don't sweat enough, think again. We're all sweating, all the time, even if you don't feel it.
Be at ease, AOB are truly good bacteria with no downside and decades of science to prove it. There have never been any reports of illness or disease related to AOB and they are literally incapable of causing an infection.

They're naturally regulated by the amount of sweat the body produces. If there is not enough food for all the AOBs in a given area, they will die (sadly). This regulation mechanism by your own sweat production is one of the many things that makes them incapable of causing an infection.

So don't worry about getting a spritz in your eye or mouth, there's nothing to be concerned about there (other than a salty aftertaste - yum.)
The presence of AOB on your skin is important not only because of what it continuously produces while on your skin, but because of the broader impact it has on the ecosystem of your skin as a whole.

In fact, AOB are so influential that they only need to be present in small amounts to have an effect on your skin's microbial ecosystem: helping keep the bad in check and allowing the good to flourish.
AOB have elaborate membranes that make them very sensitive to chemicals found in modern soaps, detergents, and preservatives. A single use of a conventional soap will very likely wipe them right out.

Wiping them out is not harmful on its own. Instead, not having a way to repopulate the good guys that we've lost is what causes the longer term challenges. When the peacekeepers are wiped out, it becomes easier for the bad guys to have a stronger presence. This is why the best time to apply AOBs is after showering, using conventional products, or swimming in pools, etc.